What is CheapJet.com?

Cheap Jet is a powerful and advanced flight and hotel search engine that scans the most important travel web sites. Cheap Jet finds the best offers available on the Internet from well over a hundred web sites. With just one click Cheap Jet will find you the best fares available from both low cost and traditional airlines as well as travel agencies. The advantage of Cheap Jet is that you only have to do one search to find all the available options for any particular route. Cheap Jet finds in seconds what would normally take you hours to achieve saving you time and money.


Do you sell tickets?

Cheap Jet does not sell anything. Cheap Jet is not a travel agency but simply a meeting point between those who want to buy and sell holidays and tickets. Cheap Jet simply shows you in one place the deals and prices available from all the travel operators and airlines. You are then redirected to these companies’ web sites to make any reservation that may suit your needs. There are no commissions or charges of any description. Once you have compared the offers and decided on the one that most suits your needs the operator in question will process your reservation and purchase.


Do I have to pay to use CheapJet.com?

Cheap Jet is totally free for you to use and the prices we show are exactly the same as on the original sites of the companies that are offering the deals. Any purchase agreement you enter into is with the original vendor at the exact same price as on their original web site. Cheap Jet does not add one penny onto any prices you see on our site.


What does the “Compare Flights” tool do?

Cheap Jet sends your search to our powerful database of travel information, we then collect the information that you require and present it on one single page. This allows you to compare prices and select the particular deal that most suits your individual travel needs. When you select a flight or hotel we provide you with a direct link to the operator’s original site where you can complete your reservation.


How does the “Low fare-finder” tool work?

Cheap Jet’ FareFinder allows you to take advantage of the work done previously by thousands of other users. Our web servers store hundreds of thousands of previous searches allowing you to find at a glance the best deals in the market. If your departure and arrival dates are flexible Cheap Jet illustrates in a simple monthly graph the best price found for travel on each day enabling you to quickly see which the cheapest days to travel on are. Cheap Jet then allows you to update the prices found by previous users with one easy click. It is important to note that unlike the Compare Flights tool, the FareFinder does not search for fares in real time. You are presented with previous searches that then must be up-dated to get the most up-to-date price.


What does the “multi-transport comparison” tool do?

If you click on Cheap Jet’ “multi-transport comparison” tool you can compare the prices offered by different means of transport on the same route.


Why have I found a different price than that shown on an operators’ site?

Cheap Jet searches operators’ pages in the same way that any other search-engine scans the Web. The prices we show are correct at the time we consult the airline or operator but unfortunately travel prices are subject to rapid variations, especially the nearer you get to the departure or check-in date. Although we do our utmost to guarantee that the prices and information we display are correct, occasionally a change in the structure of an operators’ site or page can cause a temporary error in the delivery of prices and information. If you find discrepancies between the prices shown on Cheap Jet and those on any operators’ original site we would appreciate it if you would let us know.

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