- About Us

What we are...

Cheap Jet is a powerful and advanced flight and hotel search engine that scans all the most important travel web sites in the market.

Cheap Jet finds the best offers available on the Internet from well over a hundred web sites.

With just one click Cheap Jet will find you the best fares available from both low cost and traditional airlines as well as travel agencies.

All the web sites we search are run by established companies with household names and purchase guarantee schemes.

Cheap Jet’ service is completely free of charge and the prices you see are exactly the same as on the suppliers’ original site.

Cheap Jet does not add one penny to the prices you find on our site.

Cheap Jet, whenever possible, strives to show you final prices without any hidden costs like airport taxes, administrative charges, fuel surcharges etc.

The advantage of Cheap Jet is that you only have to do one search to find all the available options for any particular route.

Cheap Jet finds in seconds what would normally take you hours to achieve saving you time and money.

Cheap Jet incorporates all the latest in computer and web technology and is designed around you the user.

What we are not...

  • Cheap Jet is not a travel agency but simply a meeting point between those who want to buy and sell holidays and tickets.
  • Cheap Jet does not sell anything.
  • Cheap Jet simply shows you in one place the deals and prices available from all the travel operators and airlines. You are then redirected to these companies’ web sites to make any reservation that may suit your needs.
  • Our web site does not contain any offensive or annoying advertising (pop-up, pop-unders, banners etc.).

What makes us different...

Cheap Jet has made a significant investment in the latest computer and web technology which means you can carry out extremely advanced searches. Cheap Jet’ web site has many unique features that will help you to find the best solution possible when organising any trip you want to make.

Cheap Jet’ “Farefinder” tool allows you to take advantage of the work already done by thousands of other users.

Cheap Jet’ powerful servers store hundreds of thousands of previous searches allowing you to find at a glance the best deals in the market.

If your departure and arrival dates are flexible Cheap Jet illustrates in a simple monthly graph the best price found for travel on each day enabling you to quickly see which the cheapest days to travel on are.

Cheap Jet then allows you to update the prices found by previous users with one easy click.

The advanced filters on our site allow you to find those journeys that best suit your exact needs.

You can refine your search by departure and arrival times, by price, by operator and even by the distance from the airports surrounding your destination.

Our “multi-transport comparison” tool allows you to compare the prices offered by different means of transport on the same route enabling you to see if it’s cheaper to travel by train, plane, bus or ferry.

Cheap Jet has integrated a powerful map tool into our search engine allowing you to see all the airports within a 150km radius of your departure or arrival point.

This map tool allows you to make searches from different airports to establish if a cheaper alternative route exists for you to complete your journey.

The maps in our multi-transport comparison tool also allow you to see the location of bus and trains stations as well as ferry and airports.

Cheap Jet also includes a dynamic name-finder which means if you type in the name of a little-known town our search engine will show you on the map the nearest airport to that destination.

Cheap Jet remembers your most recent searches so that when you return to our web site you only have to click the “up-date” button to see the latest deals available for those searches.

Cheap Jet allows you to print the complete list of any search so you can retain it for future reference.

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